A great product constructed of the finest grade of aluminum, which combines the outstanding features of our hinged, pivoting and sliding doors, with the great versatility of our roll-up shutter for maximum impact resistance and durability. These two products coming together not only offers you the great comfort of controlling privacy or sunshade but also an extra sense of security for your home, protecting your family from any storm winds and debris, forced entry, and unwanted theft.

  • Custom size to facilitate your installation.
  • Available in any size openings (with some limitations).
  • Shutter Slats, Side Rails, and Box are made with 6063-T6 extruded aluminum alloy.
  • Shutters Factory applied white or bronze powder paint coat finish. Clear anodized finish or bronze anodized finish also available as a special order.
  • Choice of manual or electric (handled or remote controlled) operation for greater comfort.
  • Doors are made with 6063-T6 extruded aluminum alloy.
  • Doors with factory applied white powder paint coat, clear anodized finish or bronze anodized finish.
  • Available for Pivoting or hinge door options in single and double door configuration and two, three and four door bi-Parting configuration available with size limitations. Also for Two, three, four door sliding configuration.