Our doors are constructed with the thickest and hardest aluminum you can find. With its two profile sizes, 3” Frame (UBP-3) and 4” Frame (UBP-4) this door can be used as a terrace entrance door. With a variety of custom designs and countless options on hardware, even combining different colors of aluminum and glass, our doors give you and extended spectrum of choices.

  • Custom size to facilitate your installation.
  • Pivoting in your distance requirement.
  • Single and double door configuration available.
  • Factory applied white powder coat, clear anodized finish or bronze anodized finish.
  • 2" x 4” Rectangular Frame.
  • Overhead Concealed Closer.
  • Range of lock sets selections to suit customer needs, from commercial to residential application.
  • High-density pile weather-stripping to prevent wind and water infiltration.
  • Vinyl glazed ¼” thick laminated glass with a 0.030” PVB interlayer as a standard, with a ½” insert inside glass adapter. ¼” Thick tempered glass also available.
  • Vinyl glazed 7/16” up to 9/16” thick laminated glass with a 0.060” PVB interlayer also available.