Lexan Panels Shutters

Our Lexan Panels shutters are the newest and fastest growing way to protect your home from hurricane force winds, rain and flying debris. Protect your home and let the light in during a hurricane or tropical storm.


We feature clear, durable Lexan Panels. Our panels are the highest-quality clear panels on the market. Our clear panels can be left up all season. Our clear panels are perfect for commercial applications, as your business doesn't have to appear closed when a storm threatens.

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Standard Features
  • Custom heights to facilitate your installation..
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Lexan Panels are completely transparent, offering up to 85% light transmittance.
  • The panels can be seasonally installed in hard to reach areas such as upper stories, or as an additional security measure to protect windows from breakage due to vandalism or attempted robbery.
  • Installation of Lexan Panels is quick and easy, and in most cases requires little or no modifications and additions to existing framing systems.
  • Lexan Panels Shutters can handle all aspects of your installation efficiently and economically.
  • Sold for direct mount in "h" or "u" headers and in easy-to-adjust screw bottom rails installation.
  • Guaranteed by GE for 10 Years.