Allow the classic appeal and unique qualities of the Condado Window 325 Series Double-Hung Window to create an outstanding feature in your home. Our Double Hung Tilt Window offers the combination of classic charm and appeal with a modern high performance design, creating a marvelous feature in your home or business.

  • Custom size to facilitate your installation.
  • Available in sizes from 18” to 48” in width and from 20” to 72” in height.
  • Frame and sashes made out of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy extruded aluminum with a minimum of .063 in. of wall thickness.
  • 3 ¼” frame jamb depth.
  • 7 degree sloped sill provides improved water runoff, even in driving rain.
  • Double high-density pile weather-stripping with Mylar fins to seal out wind and water infiltration.
  • Both sashes move and tilt inwards for easy cleaning and excellent ventilation control.
  • Strong interlocking rails for improved security and structural performance, with a cam lock at the interlocking meeting rail, along with an extruded automatic spring loaded latch lock on the upper sash. Additional aluminum tilt pivot lock to strongly secure sash meeting rails when window is closed.
  • 5/8” Spiral tilt balance made of aluminum provides consistent and uniform operation throughout the full travel range of the sash.
  • Vinyl glazed ¼” thick laminated glass with a 0.030” PVB interlayer as a standard. ¼” Thick tempered glass also available.
  • As an optional feature a full screen or a half screen is available with easy operation to dismount for cleaning.