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Projected Window

325 Series

Distinctive in appearance and performance, make this window a better choice of projected window for your home. This window, also known as an awning window, provides a great view when used in the main opening. It will also provide good ventilation when just a small portion is needed. By using hinges, it opens to form the bottom at a close 45º angle or any lesser angle. Same as the casement, these windows contain corrosion-resistant concealed hardware.

Aluminum alloy 6063-T6 with a minimum of .078" in thickness.

Vinyl glazed 1/4" thick glass with an insert measurement of 1/2" into the sash frame on all four sides. safety laminated glass with a 0.030" pvb interlayer is optional.

Structural silicone 5/16” Laminated Impact Glass with a 0.090” PVB interlayer.

Structural silicone 7/16” Laminated Impact Glass with a 0.090” PVB interlayer.

Aluminum Finish Option

Glass Color Options

  • Blue Green
  • Bronze
  • Gray
  • Clear
  • Milk Glass

Optional Perks

A full screen is available with easy operation to dismount for cleaning as an optional feature. Available with integrated shutter.

Locking consists of a multi-point locking system manufactured by Interlock Assa Abloy which will increase both security and weather seal tightness. Locking point holds securely for negative air pressure and forced entry resistance. The lock utilizes a stainless-steel tie bar located in the window frame to lock and high-quality composite keepers on the sash.

Operator crank-operated encore series manufactured by Interlock Assa Abloy which will have a removable cover with a folding handle that nests in the operator cover when retracted. The operator is constructed with a high-pressure die-cast zinc base with a multistage coating to resist a wide range of corrosive materials and a dual stainless-steel arm.

Weatherstrip foam-tite seal seamless compression foam which seals with a nearly 100% closed cell to prevent water from penetrating the foam cell structure.

Hinge 4-bar type window stainless steel hinge which projects the vent while opening to avoid interference between frame and sash.

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