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Combo Integrated Shutter

325 Series

As the largest storm shutter, high-end window, and door manufacturer in the Caribbean, this combination of superior quality, high-tech materials, and the beautiful styling of our windows and doors, plus the premium choice of extruded aluminum roll-up storm shutters for maximum impact resistance and durability, is what we call Combo.

Aluminum Finish Option

Functionality Shutter operation can be manual, motorized, or motorized with a manual override, which allows the operating of a motorized shutter manually, in case of power failure. A complete line of accessories for motorized shutters such as remote controls, electric switches, and interfaces. Merged with the functional characteristics of the selected product subject to combination with the shutter.

Impact Test Result With Integrated Shutter, these windows and doors have been tested as follows •These windows and doors have passed large and small missile impacts. •Approved for use in HVHZ. •The PSF from + 75 / - 75 to + 100 / -100. •Florida Building Codes #FL40551, #FL40552, #FL40553, #FL40554, #FL40555, #FL40556.

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