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Ultra Sliding Glass Door

325 Series

The innovative features, range of design options, and functional, reliable hardware combine to set this apart from the competition. With its two profile sizes, a 3” Frame (USLW-3) and a 4” Frame (USLW-4) this door makes the perfect sliding door or window for the home. Using CNC polymer wheel engineered to carry increased weight capacity and can be applied to large, heavy doors to reduce rolling resistance.

Aluminum alloy 6063-T6 with a minimum of raging from .078" to .098” in thickness.

Vinyl glazed 1/4" thick glass with an insert measurement of 1/2" into the sash frame on all four sides. safety laminated glass with a 0.030" pvb interlayer is optional.

Aluminum Finish Option

Glass Color Options

  • Blue Green
  • Bronze
  • Gray
  • Clear
  • Milk Glass

Optional Perks

A full screen is available with easy operation to dismount for cleaning as an optional feature. Available with integrated shutter.

Locking 1" x 6" steel case and mechanism hook bolt deadlock. for maximum security with keyed or thumb turn cylinder at each end mainframes.

Handles 4" stainless steel recessed handle on both sides of the mainframe at the end mainframes and locking mainframes.

Rollers Two tandem rollers with a single bogey stainless steel carriage, and cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) wheels with a 350lb capacity per tandem roller. The adjustment range of 0.49”.

Weather Seal High density .250 polypile weatherstrip.

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