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Finestra Panoramic Window

325 Series

This fixed window, visually enlarges the space, allowing the entry of a greater amount of light, and giving a decorative appearance to a room. It can be used as a vantage point to provide multiple views and may be combined with one or more of our different 325 Series line of windows (Casement, Projected, and Double Hung Tilt Windows). A panoramic window can become a way through which a window can carry a beautiful landscape outside your scope.

Aluminum alloy 6063-T6 with a minimum of .062” in thickness.

Acrylic latex with silicone combined with vinyl glazing, 1/4" thick safety laminated glass with a 0.030" pvb interlayer.

Structural silicone 5/16" Laminated Impact Glass with .090” pvb interlayer.

Structural silicone 7/16" Laminated Impact Glass with a 0.090" PVB interlayer.

Aluminum Finish Option

Glass Color Options

  • Blue Green
  • Bronze
  • Gray
  • Clear
  • Milk Glass

Optional Perks

A full screen is available with easy operation to dismount for cleaning as an optional feature. Available with integrated shutter.

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