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Double Hung Tilt Window

325 Series

Our Double Hung Tilt Window offers a combination of classic charm and appeal with a modern high-performance design, creating a marvelous feature in your home or business.

Aluminum alloy 6063-T5 with a minimum of .063" in thickness.

Vinyl glazed 1/4" thick glass. Insert measurement of 1/2" into the sash frame on all four sides.

Safety laminated glass with a 0.030" pvb interlayer is optional.

Structural silicone 5/16” Laminated Impact Glass with a 0.090” PVB interlayer.

Aluminum Finish Option

Glass Color Options

  • Blue Green
  • Bronze
  • Gray
  • Clear
  • Milk Glass

Optional Perks

A full screen is available with easy operation to dismount for cleaning as an optional feature. Available with integrated shutter.

Locking lock consists of a cam latch at the interlocking meeting rail along with a pivot lock on each side. An independent spring-loaded tilt latch for each sash and an automatic extruded lock at the upper sash.

Balances self-lubricating sash balances attached to the mainframe by nylon pivot sash shoes. Balances hold the sash stationary in any position along with the full range of sash travel.

Weatherstrip weatherstrip shall be .250 polypile with mylar fins. Weather-stripping shall be doubled at all points of contact of the sash and mainframes and also at the interlocking meeting rail. A dual vinyl bulb seal will be used at the windowsill.

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